What my house sitting clients say about me

It is always a pleasure to look after people's dogs and sometimes cats while they are on holiday. My house sitting service has taken me into the homes of a wide variety of people in areas all over the UK from Essex, to West Sussex, to Kent. This is what a few of them have to say about the house and pet sitting service I offer:

House sitting services in West Sussex by Denise

"Denise came to babysit my two dogs for three weeks while I went to a wedding in Australia. It was great to know that the house, 2 cats and of course my dogs were safe in her hands. I came back to two very happy dogs – she had even managed to persuade Alfie that retrieving balls could be worthwhile! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Denise (and Zen!) to any family."

Best regards, Jeannie

Jeannie Long
West Sussex

Denise Roets pet sitting in West Sussex - German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever

House sitting services throughout the UK by Denise

"Denise is an exceptional dog trainer. We adopted a severely traumatized rescue Golden Retriever named Laci. Laci was so completely paralyzed with fear that simple tasks like going outside or eating a meal turned her too frozen to move. Thanks to Denise's extensive experience and limitless patience, Laci is now a completely different dog. Through Denise's calm, gentle manner and positive based reinforcement, Laci has gained the confidence to interact with dogs and people without fear. Each time we've boarded Laci with Denise, Laci comes back even stronger, more confident and happier than before. Denise has completely unlocked our Golden girl and helped her to be comfortable in her own skin! I highly recommend Denise and encourage you to use her expertise to train your dog."

Regards, Marianne

Marianne Cavaliere
Vice President Customer Relationships at DentalVibe/ Bing Innovations
Boca Raton, Florida
Marianne Cavaliere

Denise Roets pet sitting in the UK - Golden Labrador

Dog sitting services in Berkshire by Denise

"Denise has helped us to "bring up" the Furrie members of our family for the past 20 years since we acquired our first puppies and until she regretfully relocated to the UK. She has a wonderful understanding of dogs and what it takes for them to bond with their owners and especially what the owners need to know in order to understand and bond with their pets in order that they may be socialised, obedient, loyal, and a pleasure to have around. We miss her charismatic training sessions and highly recommend her house and pet sitting services.

Peter Lipworth

Denise Roets pet sitting services

House sitting services in Hampshire by Denise

"Denise looked after my 2 German Short Haired Pointers for 12 months and did everything needed to care for them and put them through the vet care needed for their international departure from SA to New Zealand. I relied upon her entirely and found her professional, trustworthy and a fabulous carer for these precious members of our family. Thank you Denise I have no hesitation recommending your services."

Best wishes, Carmyn

Carmyn Jane McEwan
Director at Saltark Property Management
Auckland, New Zealand

Denise Roets pet sitting in Hampshire - German Short Haired Pointers

Dog training by Denise

"Once I had left the military where I trained as a dog handler and then as an instructor I looked around for a dog trainer in civilian life and was recommended to try Denise Roets. Well 26 years later and three generations of dogs I not only won championship trophies with my German Shepherds but gained so much knowledge and friendships that I was later able to help Denise with her training club and my passion and that was the puppies and beginners training. Denise was a superb instructor and the knowledge I gained from her was invaluable. Denise I wish you the best of life with your new venture and maybe we will bump into each other again in the future.

Jimmie Kotze

Denise Roets dog training - Spaniel

Dog sitting services by Denise

"I was looking for a dog trainer to help me train our very lively German shepherd puppy Ruby. After a few training sessions I could take Ruby anywhere. Ruby would listen, walk properly on the leach and managed to control her barking to every moving object outside our yard. Ruby and our other German shepherd went to stay with Denise several times when we went on holiday. They loved it. Denise knows that dogs need to run around and play but most of all need love and caring. Since we moved abroad I yet have to find a dog sitter like Denise. A difficult task......."

Muriel Veldt

Denise Roets dog sitting in Pangbourne - German Shepherd

Pet sitting services in Margate, Kent by Denise

"Denise came to stay at our house to look after our Maltese for 5 weeks while we were out of the country. We found Denise to be friendly, kind and approachable. Her dog Zen, who is fully trained, was great with our little dog, they became best pals. Denise took them for long coastal walks every day which they thoroughly enjoyed. All in all, very nice lady who has a wealth of experience with dogs. We strongly recommend her services and hope she will return to Kent to look after our little one again."

Best Wishes, Mairi and Jim

Denise Roets pet sitting in Margate - Hector the Maltese and Zen the German Shepherd on the sofa

Pet and house sitting services Albufeira, Portugal by Denise

"Denise house sat for us during December. We found her to be friendly, trustworthy and extremely good with handling Barley our Golden Retriever along with the cats and hens. We would thoroughly recommend her and she is house sitting for us again during May this year."

Albufeira, Portugal

Denise Roets pet sitting in Portugal - Barley the Golden Retriever in front of the pool

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