Dog obedience training at your own home

I have over 30 years of experience in training dogs to be obedient, and advising dog handlers how to successfully raise their puppies into well behaved and sociable dogs. So while I am house sitting for you, if your dog has some behavioural challenges, I can help you sort them out.

Why use my private dog obedience training services?

I offer a vast amount of experience in assisting dog owners with problem dogs.
While I have the knowledge and experience to train you and your dog to the highest championship level, if you simply need a few dog obedience pointers, then let me know.

Having trouble getting your dog to sit, stay, down or come on your command?
Then I come to your home where you and your dog are more relaxed and provide you with 1-on-1 lessons for dedicated attention that will help resolve your predicament.

House sitting and dog obedience training services?

I use positive reward-based dog obedience training, and assist you in understanding how to have your dog react to your commands in a fun and interesting way.
So besides house sitting for you, we can, together, improve your dog's obedience and behaviour.

Denise Roets private obedience dog training

Denise Roets private dog obedience training

If you are looking for a reliable house sitter who can also train your dog,
call me today on:

UK: +44 7927 740 036

Portugal: +351 911 79 4522